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Do you think I may have withdrawal fees owing to me?

It’s probable, and there is nothing to lose in allowing us to run any matter through our checks. Initially all we will need is the property address listed and the date upon which you were instructed.

Once I have supplied you with my withdrawal data, what happens next?

Upon receipt of your withdrawal data, we will make Initial checks with the Land Registry on your behalf, free of charge. This check will confirm to us whether the property in question was sold after you were instructed to market it.

What is the next stage if you identify a sale?

Should we identify a sale post listing, this may indicate a possible withdrawal fee you may be owed. Further checks would then need to be made to establish the purchaser via Land Registry Records. These details can then be used to establish whether the purchaser was indeed someone introduced by you. Please note a small charge may be applicable to access ownership records at the Land Registry.

And what happens if you identify a sale to someone we introduced?

At this stage we would ask you for a copy of the contract and your terms and conditions so we can ensure you are contractually due a fee. If this is the case then the collections process can commence (With you permission). Initially we would plan to write to the seller who entered into the contract asking them to contact us to discuss.

What if they dispute or won’t pay?

Any feedback we receive during the collections process will be advised to you. Where there is a dispute, we will take your instructions (where required) if they won’t pay (or make arrangements) and we feel the fees are legally due litigation through the County Court could be commenced if you wished.

How would I know if it is worth going to court?

Making an informed decision is the key. The last thing we would want would be for you to incur additional costs you could not recover. For a small fee Sinclair Taylor are able to provide a Pre-Litigation Report on the seller (prior to litigation) to give you an insight as to the seller’s current financial background and whether we feel litigation would have a chance of success.

Do you only deal with withdrawal matters?

No – Sinclair Taylor have been collecting debts owed to the property sector for over 20 years. We are happy to discuss and provide a quotation for any debt you may be owed.

Do you purchase withdrawals?

Yes – we can act for you on either a no collection no fee basis or purchase the debt from you.

Could I send withdrawals from years ago for you to look at?

Yes – we are happy to run any matter through our initial checks for you (free of charge) as far back as 6 years.

Can I submit withdrawals to you electronically?

Yes – submissions can be accepted in the format that suits you best.

Why use us?

Did you know that nearly 25% of Estate Agents’ withdrawn instructions go onto sell within 8 months, and of these between 5% – 10% are to buyers originally introduced by them?

We are specialists in recovering lost estate agency fees by ensuring that a vendor pays their contractual obligations. We also offer worldwide debt recovery and legal services, as well as tenancy support services which include absconded tenancy tracing and tenant referencing.

We have an impressive track record and operate on a no collection, no fee basis, meaning you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

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Sinclair Taylor was founded in 1999 and provides debt recovery solutions for the property sector. In early 2021, Sinclair Taylor joined The Broadriver Group, encompassing Controlaccount, identeco Business Support Toolkit and identecoHR.

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