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Is your agency experiencing fee avoidance?

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Wednesday, 9th March 2022 10:44

Fee avoidance is on the rise..

Estateagenttoday.co.uk has recently reported that many agents have stated that as many as one in 10 vendors are taking their properties off the market and seeking to sell either privately or via another agent, and then trying to avoid fees to the original firm commissioned. The leading property publication states that the problem has worsened over the past two years as agents have been so tied up with transactions that carried on to completion, they have overlooked those abortive deals which may have then completed via a private sale or a rival agency.

At Sinclair Taylor, we provide debt recovery, litigation, and management services to those within the property sector, and we know too well the prevalence of this occurring.  We work to help recover estate agent lost fees due to avoidance by sellers. Fee avoidance is becoming an increasingly common problem, and one that we are able to help assist with.

Should you wish to talk to our experienced and knowledgeable team about our wide-ranging services and find out how we can help you to get back fees that you are rightfully owed, please contact us today.

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Sinclair Taylor was founded in 1999 and provides debt recovery solutions for the property sector. In early 2021, Sinclair Taylor joined The Broadriver Group, encompassing Controlaccount Plc, identeco Business Support Toolkit and identecoHR.

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