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Recovery of mooring fees

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We regularly assist in the recovery of outstanding mooring fees, working with marina operators across the UK on a no collect, no fee agreement. Late or non-payment of mooring or storage fees has become increasingly common by boat owners, or worse still for boats to be abandoned in marinas which prevents the space from being let. All of these lead to debt and salvage issues that can be difficult to resolve for companies who run basins, boat yards and moorings. We have an expert team who can work with you to address bad debts for marina berthing.

In addition, we can also investigate and recover, where applicable, debts associated with boat license fees, freight licenses, fishing permits and other fees.

We will support and advise you through the complete debt recovery process be it from a credit control function through to litigation via the county court (should it be deemed necessary). We can use our specialist trace team to locate where a boat owner may be living and issue correspondence detailing the amount owed and a specified time to settle, to the correct address. Should court proceedings be required then this can then be issued against the boat owner claiming the amount of the outstanding fees. We have a high success rate and utilise our expertise and innovative case management system to secure the recovery of fees for marina operators.

Features of Sinclair Taylor’s debt recovery service:

  • Service provided on a no collect, no fee basis
  • Ethical and efficient services
  • No account set up charges
  • Immediate same day action
  • Cloud based client management portal to view activity
  • Letter and telephone collection, supported by email and SMS, where appropriate
  • Legal recovery option, if necessary
  • Trace & investigation Services
  • CAI trained collectors
  • Telephone Call Recording

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Did you know that nearly 25% of Estate Agents’ withdrawn instructions go onto sell within 8 months, and of these between 5% – 10% are to buyers originally introduced by them?

We are specialists in recovering lost estate agency fees by ensuring that a vendor pays their contractual obligations. We also offer worldwide debt recovery and legal services, as well as tenancy support services which include absconded tenancy tracing and tenant referencing.

We have an impressive track record and operate on a no collection, no fee basis, meaning you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

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Sinclair Taylor was founded in 1999 and provides debt recovery solutions for the property sector. In early 2021, Sinclair Taylor joined The Broadriver Group, encompassing Controlaccount, identeco Business Support Toolkit and identecoHR.

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